Challenges We Overcome

Accounting Challenges

Creating and updating budgets and forecasts of both profits and cash flows is imperative for a business to understand its cash position as well as financial performance expectations (i.e. expected annual net income). This can be done in Excel or we may want to consider other enterprise solutions to assist with this.

Financial Statement Close is an imperative part of any company’s back office processes. An efficient close should be 3-5 days and allow for near real-time reporting. Also, ensuring that operations is involved in relevant parts of the close process can ensure that operations and the finance function are aligned and your Company’s processes across all departments are functioning.

Many small businesses love Quickbooks, but fast-growing companies often discover they need more reporting and data analysis power. Whether you are using QuickBooks Desktop or Quickbooks Online, there are some powerful tools that can help do more. You can easily extract data, connect it to other data sources and deliver realtime reporting to management, employees, and/or investors that enable more informed and timely decisions. We have the tools to empower your QuickBooks users to transform QuickBooks data into actionable information that is always available and always current.

Back Office Challenges

Reporting can mean any number of things such as financial reporting, inventory analysis, supply chain management, etc. We utilize whatever systems you currently have along with Excel to help you develop more efficient reporting processes. We can also help you select new software solutions that can be integrated to give you a single source of the truth. Once this is accomplished, we can assist with dashboard creation and data visualization tools such as Power BI.

What We Do

The Right Service

We help small and medium size companies address inefficiencies through the implementation of processes and systems that will help save time and money and enable profitable growth.

Who We Serve

The Right Fit

We primarily serve small and medium-sized companies that are looking to set up a foundation for growth. We work with business owners and executives who don’t have the expertise or time to solve back-office problems that plague their employees, customers and other stakeholders.

How We Work

The Right Focus

We start every client engagement with a thoughtful assessment of your business. We dig deep to figure out what may be holding you back and how we can leverage the right people, technology and data analytics tools to make things better.

How We Follow Through

The Right Support

Once Blazer Solutions has set you up for success, we have a large network of partners that provide managed services to help you operate any new systems after the implementation is complete. This managed service model allows you to focus on what you do best while knowing that your systems are performing at the highest level.

How We Price

The Right Return On Investment

Initial calls for assessments are free. If we cannot solve your problem, we will try to connect you with a provider the meets your needs. Our normal engagements are hourly with billing rates that range from $175-$250 per hour. Depending on the engagement, fixed fee engagements may be able to be arranged.

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Process Design & Documentation

Better Processes

Many businesses focus on what they need to in order to survive and grow such as sales and product/service development and delivery. Every business needs to have excellent products and/or services to thrive. We do not help you with your products or services, however, we help you address some aspects of your company that may have not gotten the attention they needed – back-office processes and systems. We help you go back to the basics to analyze your current processes and design and document future state processes that will help give your company better structure. Documentation of processes helps to ensure employees are on the same page and understand what is expected of them. They help management more easily monitor the company’s operations and focus more of their time on activities that will generate profits.

Virtual CFO

Better Financial Analysis

Many businesses struggle with accounting and financial reporting from time to time. Depending on the size of your business, you may benefit from having a virtual CFO work with your accounting team to get the numbers right. Blazer Solutions can help clean up your financials and get you back on track.

Data Analytics & Visualization

Better Decisions

Data visualization tools such as Power BI allow for data to be put into a format that is more easily consumed by stakeholders. With streamlined back office processes, data can be delivered to these tools in real time to allow stakeholders to make more informed decisions!

Software Selection & Implementation

Better Productivity

Most businesses are using the wrong software systems and tools to run their business. Blazer Solutions can help with software selection and implementation so your team can do their jobs better and become more productive.

Through structuring your system’s data collection and reporting through the ERP system, you link your other systems together to create an efficient reporting tool that can report on traditional business and accounting items (i.e. financial statements) as well as emerging accounting items such as ESG and greenhouse gas accounting.

CRM’s allow you to track your pipeline of sales, closed sales, lost sales, etc. They also allow you to track salespeople performance, calculate commissions, as well as a variety of other process automation capabilities surrounding the sales process. By connecting your CRM to your ERP (accounting) system, you can automate the recording of slaes to reduce error and manual entry.

CPM’s help define and arrange corporate goals and strategies. The software available should help you streamline your FP&A (financial planning and analysis) function through assisting with more efficient budgeting processes, financial statement close, as well as analytics and KPI (key performance indicators) tracking.

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