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At Blazer Solutions, we help small and medium-size companies resolve complex business challenges related to finance, accounting and operations. We have the expertise and tools to optimize financial reporting systems, improve business processes, and uncover the data-driven insights that ultimately lead to more profitable business growth.

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We Thrive On Problems

Every business owner has financial and operational blindspots, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Do you have accounting information that is incorrect, financial reports that don’t provide any real insights, business performance dashboards that measure the wrong things, and Quickbooks accounting systems that are out of control?

Does This Sound Like You?

  • We take too long to close our monthly financial statements.

  • We cannot consolidate financials from multiple entities/systems.

  • We make decisions on old data that may be a month old or older.

  • We do not know how to develop financial models for new projects.

  • We cannot produce timely financial statements for owners or investors.

  • We do not know what third parties or vendors to hire for critical projects.

  • We have too many systems that do not communicate with each other.

  • We rely too heavily on Excel reports to uncover financial insights.

  • We do not have competitive benefits for employees.

  • We have the wrong people overseeing the HR function.

What’s Holding You Back?


The world continues to change at a rapid pace. Decisions made on old data could prove detrimental for your business.


Employees that are required to perform manual and administrative tasks tend to be stressed, overworked, and unhappy.


Decisions made on bad data can prove detrimental, while real time accurate data can provide clear insights and drive profitability.

Transform Your Business

The Solution

At Blazer Solutions we help clients evaluate and improve their systems, processes, technology and reporting tools to optimize growth and profitability. Ultimately, we are in the business of improving the efficiency, productivity and profitability of every business we serve. We provide a wide spectrum of services from delivering virtual CFO consulting to installing new financial systems and reporting tools.

How We Work

We’ve Saved Companies, Executives, And Employees Thousands Of Hours By Eliminating Manual Repetitive BACK-OFFICE Tasks So They Can Focus On Revenue Generating Activities.

Inefficiencies at companies tend to build up causing persistent problems that take employee’s time away from revenue generating tasks. By designing and implementing processes and systems, your company can create efficient ways for management to monitor operations and hold employees accountable for their job responsibilities. This efficient system of monitoring and accountability will free up management’s time to focus on activities that will drive profitability at your Company!

WHat You Can Expect?

  • Streamlined Processes
    • Streamlining and documenting processes will increase efficiency and reduce risk at your company.
  • Real Time Reporting
    • Development of dashboards and other reporting tools will allow you to make more real time and informed decisions on your data.
  • Clean and Accessible Data
    • Data that is connected across your systems that previously could not communicate will lead to better visibility into your company’s operations.
  • Better Sleep
    • Sleep better by knowing you have the resources on your team to solve any problem that may present itself.
  • Happy Employees, Customers, and Investors/Owners
    • Reduction of manual processes and increased efficiencies across your business will allow you to focus on revenue generating activities and make all stakeholders happier.

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