Small & Mid-Size Businesses

We want to become a part of your team to help you design systems and processes that will enable your company to scale. We believe that many non-essential/non-income producing functions can be outsourced to enable your team to focus on initiatives that can generate real value and a competitive advantage. We work with partners to help provide your company with solutions that will enable you to scale. This normally revolves around finding technology and groups that can implement and offer managed services to help you operate the systems after the implementation is complete. By utilizing a managed service model, it allows you to focus on the business’ core functions while knowing that your systems are performing at a high level as you have a team of experts supporting you.

Accounting & Finance Processes

1. Reporting

Reporting can mean any number of things such as financial reporting, inventory analysis, supply chain management, etc. We utilize whatever systems you currently have along with Excel to help efficient reporting processes or we can help you select new software solutions that can be integrated to give you a single source of truth. Once this is accomplished, we can assist with dashboard creation and data visualization with tools such as Power BI.

2. Financial Statement Close

Financial statement close is an imperative part of any company. An efficient close (3-5 days) allows for near real time reporting. Also, ensuring that operations is involved in relevant parts of the close process can ensure that Operations and the Finance function are aligned and the Company’s processes across all departments are functioning efficiently.

3. Budgeting and Forecasting

Creating and updating budgets and forecasts of both profit and loss and cash flows is imperative for a business to understand its cash position as well as financial performance expectations (i.e. expected annual net income). This can be done in Excel or you may want to consider enterprise solutions to assist with this. Either way, let us help!