We work with CPA firms to supplement their current offerings and/or allow them to expand into new areas with little risk while earning revenue and building new Practice Areas.

Peer Comparison

Does your firm’s Quickbooks bookkeeping service allow you to accumulate a client’s data and present interactive financial statements that allow them to drill down to areas such as sales by customer, sales by product line, etc? Are you able to provide benchmarking from performances of companies at your firm?

  • We help you build a Digital Services Practice
  • We provide you and your Quickbooks bookkeeping clients a flexible tool to provide reporting, KPIs, dashboards, etc.
  • We help you build a ERP implementation group
  • We provide training for Power BI, Microsoft systems, Excel, etc.
  • We help you with recruiting services
  • We help you with tax advantaged investments
  • We assist with your projects

The Peer Comparisons product pulls client data out of their QuickBooks files to create a data warehouse. A connection to Power BI will allow you to provide interactive dashboards and reports to your clients that will make their data more easily consumable so they can make better informed decisions.

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